About Project

General Information

The AIMACS Project is funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Program in the NMP Priority. The Call addressed by the project was FoF.NMP.2010-1: Plug and Produce components for adaptive control. The project was in development from August 2010 till July 2013.

Project Objectives

The objective of the AIMACS project is to improve the productivity of CNC machining, achieving in the same time superior quality and reduction in production costs as well as in negative environmental impacts. AIMACS is a multidimensional self-optimizing adaptive control system which analyze the full range of critical machining process parameters and automatically and intelligently adapt the machine operation in real-time to achieve optimal performance level. Performance at the limit, if implemented , will be achieved by explicit analysis of continuously varying machining conditions, production disruptions and anomalies, plant performance variations and random changes in the production plan. Knowledge about process variability and successful adaptation are extracted by the AIMACS system, decomposed into Knowledge Atoms, recombined for new machining tasks and applied in choice of parameters. Iterative learning and dynamic parametrization are applied to achieve continuous improvement with each manufactured piece.

Aimacs Structure

The process parameters are contiuously adjusted based on an adaptive control and multi-optimisation.All the parameters are adapted during the machining (red) as well as from workpiece to workpiece (blue).Whole factory planning is an issue of multi-optimisation (green).

Aimacs Structure